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Hon'ble CM of Himachal Pradesh

Sh. Jai Ram Thakur

Hon'ble Chief Minister


Covid-19 Dashboard

State Helpline Number: 104National Toll Free Number: 1075
Persons testedPersons NegativeResults AwaitedPersons PositiveMigrated Out CasesActive Cases in the StateRecovered Patients in the StateDeaths Due to COVID-19
Last status updated on 27/09/2020 at 9:00 PM.

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Latest Notifications

Central repository for all COVID related orders, advisories and media bulletins.


An application to track the movement of people under quarantine.
The mobile application is for the usage of quarantined people only.

Curfew e-Pass

Get passes for personal movement and vehicles from your District Administration.

Apply online for e-Pass.

Training Videos

This training video gives an insight on how to use the Corona Mukt Himachal Quarantine App for health officials.

This training video gives an insight for the Corona Mukt Himachal Mobile application users on how to use the app.

This training video gives an insight on how to apply for the epass for vehicle movement in Himachal Pradesh.

Fake News

This is an initiative of the State Government to protect citizens from misinformation/ rumours during this sensitive time. A portal to report fake news and an official identification of the same can be found by clicking the link below.